Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Yes. I know, it has been a while. I would like a chance to remedy that. Of course, I have missed you dear friend, BLOG. It's not that I wasn't thinking of you or hadn't thought to visit, I have been away for far too long, it's just that by my standards there wasn't much sense to come along if I didn't have much to say or bring to the conversation. It seems as though the only time anything I found even slightly interesting would pop into my head was very late at night when I was listening to the deep and steady breath of my dear one. Laying there, with my head on his chest and my arms tangled with his...I felt it a little rude to suddenly jump up and grab some paper and a pen to write down my thoughts and so......

As I said, I would like to go forward into the New Year with more to share if only with you BLOG and perhaps untangle myself every once in a while to make the effort to reach the paper or keyboard.

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